Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge (or Dead Men Tell No Tales, 2017)

I had expected Angelica to be back. I had expected Elizabeth Swann to speak. I had expected a great many things. But life teaches us time and again, that expectations are not to be kept, and the world works on hope. Duh. A Pirates movie is meant to be over the top and have some major PJs which are genuinely funny. And of course, we have the one and only Jack Sparrow. Dead Men Tell No Tales does have Jack Sparrow, but he suffers from some very unfunny lines. As for being over the top, this flick really stretches absurdity … Continue reading Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge (or Dead Men Tell No Tales, 2017)

First Family (David Baldacci, 2009)

I finally binge read a David Baldacci after so long! Well, I always binge read novels. And this time, it was totally worth it. The plot focuses on the kidnapping of Willa Dutton, the First Lady’s niece. In this time of need, she calls upon Sean King, an old friend, to help her. While King and his partner (my super girl) Michelle Maxwell unearth secrets of and around the first family in an effort to find the kidnapper, we are also given an insight into   this kidnapper’s life. Maxwell struggles to deal with problems of her own: a past that … Continue reading First Family (David Baldacci, 2009)

Nothing Lasts Forever (Sydney Sheldon, 1994)

It is about time I start counting Sydney Sheldon among my favourite authors, despite him shelling out some horror stories like Rage of Angels. Nothing Lasts Forever is a typical Sheldon novel, although I have read much better from him. It is a medical drama-ish thriller, and surprisingly un-boring considering it pretty much covers the daily lives of its protagonists. The novel opens with the trial of Dr. Paige Taylor, then dives into the lives of three just graduated doctors (including Taylor) and follows their struggles in a hectic and occasionally hostile environment of Embarcadero County Hospital. There are truimphs, … Continue reading Nothing Lasts Forever (Sydney Sheldon, 1994)

Rebel of the Sands (Alwyn Hamilton, 2016)

This action packed young adult novel is the least cringeworthy of the genre so far for me. Not a very big fan of YA fiction or chick lit, I did decide to read it on the basis of a review by [I forgot the name 😦 ], and an urge to read something which was – sensible chick lit-ish fantasy (if that is possible). Amani al’Hiza is a smart mouthed 16-year old with unusual eyes and a penchant for shooting, who needs to escape her town of Dustwalk to go to the dream city of Izman before she is married … Continue reading Rebel of the Sands (Alwyn Hamilton, 2016)

Windmills of the Gods (Sidney Sheldon, 1987)

Neither windmills nor any gods are found in this novel. Sheldon does what he does best, a well paced narration of a beautiful woman’s journey to fame and success laced with tragedy, politics, media, killers, attractive men and spies. And a major attempt on her life. Small town professor Mary Ashley receives an offer from the President of the United States to be the ambassador to Romania, and her life changes forever. From first trip to a big city to insubordinate subordinates, all struggles are well covered.  It promises no mind numbing logic or oh-so-unexpected reveal, in fact, for most … Continue reading Windmills of the Gods (Sidney Sheldon, 1987)

The Jungle Book (2016)

Disney’s latest 3D live action installment, The Jungle Book, is a remake of the 1967 animated feature of the same name. Helmed by Jon Favreau, this is a more mature, albeit not extraordinary, adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s original tales. The movie traces the adventurous journey of ‘man cub’ Mowgli, as he discovers his own identity and his true home while dealing with his arch nemesis Shere Khan. Neel Sethi as the innocent and intelligent Mowgli is the heart and soul of the film, while Ben Kingsley, Bill Murray and Idris Elba shine as Bagheera, Baloo and Shere Khan. The stunning … Continue reading The Jungle Book (2016)

Harry Potter (Novel Series)

  In her debut novel series, J K Rowling pens down a heart warming tale chronicling the journey of an orphan boy from adolescence to adulthood. Harry Potter is an unusual child, but only because he undergoes ordeals meant for a much older person. Otherwise, he and his best friends Ron and Hermione are the kids next door. Rowling conjures strong characters and gives depth to each of them. The series is primarily narrated from Harry’s perspective. Each novel starts with some mysteries, and vivid incidents in well organized chapters lead to a final confrontation. The pattern becomes predictable, however … Continue reading Harry Potter (Novel Series)

Yama (Kevin Missal, 2016)

  Monsters, murders, macabre, detectives and race against time: sounds like the ingredients of a novel about John and Jane Doe set in Somewhereshire, Anotherland? Nope, mystery has come home to India and Yama is going to take you on a thrilling journey – with some logical handicaps. Yama is promising, the first few chapters will have you hooked: fast and fresh. As someone who hasn’t read many contemporary novels set in her homeland (can’t stand love stories or Chetan Bhagat), Yama was a treat. Crime, action and mystery are my favourite kind of read and Yama is very satisfactory … Continue reading Yama (Kevin Missal, 2016)